Double Layer Circle Skirt

It snowed! I cannot tell you how excited I was to finally see the fluffy white flakes peppering the sky. There have been chances of snow popping up here and there the past few weeks, so I wasn't quite sure that it was going to actually happen this time around. But it did, and my husband and I had the loveliest weekend just staying inside drinking tea, and hot chocolate, watching movies and keeping warm and cozy. I got so much knitting done, and even squeezed in a bit of sewing. But I have something lovely to show you other than snow. This is a circle skirt that has been in the works for a bit. When I first saw Gertie's tutorial on how she replicated a Modcloth skirt, I fell in love. I'm already an enormous fan of circle skirts in general, and the idea of multiple circle skirts all layered into one swishy gorgeousness was utterly irresistible!


I had a twin sheet set that I no longer needed, and as I loved the print, I decided it would be the perfect fabric to repurpose. I don't have a specific circle skirt pattern. I use the By Hand London circle skirt calculator to figure out my waist radius, which is 4 1/2 inches. Then I just draw out the lines directly on the fabric. I have recently discovered that 28 inches is the perfect length for my skirts. So the bottom layer of this skirt is 28 inches long and the top layer is 24 inches long.


I used a bright magenta pink fabric from my stash for the lining. It was a gift, so I'm not quite sure what kind of fabric it is, but it is pretty stiff, almost like a taffeta. (You can see it peeping out in a few of the pictures.) I love how it makes the skirt SO swishy! It almost feels like I'm wearing a petticoat.


I was rather worried that I wouldn't be able to have pockets in this skirt since I wanted the top and bottom layers of the skirt to be as separate as possible. It took a bit of thinking, but I finally realized that I could just add pockets to the top layer. (I'm not sure why it took such brain work to figure out something so simple!) Since I was using side seam pockets, I inserted the zipper in the back using the lapped method. I have found that a lapped zipper produces a much nicer look than when I center it.


The waistband for this skirt was super easy. It is just a rectangle the length of my waist measurement plus 3-1/4 inches for a 5/8 inch seam allowance and an overlap. The trickiest part of adding a waistband is to make sure I don't use vanity measurements. The past couple of skirts I have made have to have the waistband readjusted because I pulled the measuring tape a little too snug. I can still put the skirt on in the morning, but as the day goes by and my body accumulates water weight and food, I find that the waistband becomes tighter and tighter until it is terribly uncomfortable. The measurements aren't horribly off, but I've realized that I need to add a little more ease so that I can breathe comfortably!


I have been sewing up a storm the past week, and I expect to have lots of lovely things to share with you all very soon.

Have a jolly day!